Play Pool

Open Play and Leagues on the Finest Tables in Northeast Florida


Cue Note Billiard Room was designed as a big city, industrial modern environment that you are sure to see as a top quality house. It’s a place where playing a few games of pool is exciting again.

Perfectly leveled 14 Brunswick Gold Crown 5 tables covered with Simonis 860 Cloth and Aramith Tournament balls will ensure that you will enjoy yourself no matter your skill level.

Even the lighting has been well thought out. Custom 8 foot lighting with diamond parabolic lenses best distributes the light over the table to minimize shadows and eliminates the dark spots sometimes seen at other pool halls.

Being a first class billiard room shouldn’t intimidate you if you consider yourself a beginner because everyone can have fun. Learning the game in this kind of environment best ensures that you will learn it the best way possible. And, the tables are arranged in such a way that no one will be watching you anyway.


And, if you are really interested in the game, Cue Note Billiard Room has an eight-ball league playing every Tuesday night beginning at 7:00 pm. The teams are always looking for individuals- both men and women – to fill old and new teams. All skill levels are invited to play since it’s a handicapped league. For more information contact Leah Waddle at 772-323-1767 for more details and times when the league is accepting new players.

Open Play

Even though leagues meet each Tuesday, there are plenty of tables left for open play as well. So, don’t let the league play interfere with a scheduled night out with friends.

Come on by. Let's have some fun.

Also, always check our calendar of events for specials like tournaments, both eight-ball and nine-ball and other fun activities.